Quick Facts


  • Basic idea: Which climbing shoe fits best to me and my project?
  • Problem: For a good overview everyone would have to spend a lot of time reading in
  • So I would like to make my collected information easily accessible to everyone
  • The knowledge is applied via the specially developed assistant, which takes over the role of the store advisor
  • The wizard's suggestions will show you the shoes with a good fit for you and the right features for your goals
  • Who is behind this project? Only me: Sebastian, 35, 7b boulderer, occasional sport climber with some multi-pitch experience
  • With the project I want to give something back to the climbing community and provide an easy entry point for everyone

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  • You can find detailed information by clicking on the question mark or by expanding the technical details of a product
  • The size recommendations are on the respective shoe page
  • All properties are normalized (e.g. unifying shoe widths), so that comparisons can be made across manufacturers
  • Higher-level characteristics are calculated automatically and transparently on the basis of these properties (e.g. Comfort of a climbing shoe)
  • All prices of the stores are updated daily so that you can find the best offer