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Dark Spine S Heel Midsole
The Dark Spine S (sensitive) Heel Midsole paired with a thinner heel rand rubber ensures higher rigidity and additional power to the front of the shoe in overhanging routes. The 'sensitive' advancement in this technology provides added sensitivity in the heel to feel smaller features better.
Tension Power System Plus (TPS+)
Tension Power System Plus (TPS+) keeps the shoe in shape to provide a higher life of the shoe by maintaining it's downturn and asymmetryfor longer.
AVT (Abridged Variable Thickness)
AVT (Abridged Variable Thickness) is a technology used to provide a stiffer toebox for higher precision and a more flexible heel for better heelhooking. This is accomplisehd by varying the thickness of the rubber over the whole sole.
NeoFlex is a two-way stretch neoprene laminate used as upper in the toebox to allow for better movement and less friction, meaning reduced hotspots for your knuckles.
The Compression Closure System (CCS) is a 6-point velcro lace system for a better fit to your foot.

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Technical Details

Closing velcro lacing Material synthetic Toe Pad large Lining none Colors
Downturn aggressive Asymmetry high Toe Angle high Pre-tension aggressive
Foot Width slightly narrow Foot Volume medium Foot Shape universal Heel Cup slim
Sole TRAX SAS Rubber supersoft Sole Thickness 4.2mm Midsole MX-P Midsole Type forefoot Midsole Thickness 1.6mm Tension System TPS+ Heel Cup Sensitivity high
Release Year List Price € 170€ List Price $ 200$

Designed by professional rock climber Daniel Woods, the Phantom was made for technical boulderers who require a shoe that provides both sensitivity and power. Its vegan synthetic upper on an aggressively profiled last ensures a steady foot during climbs while preventing the shoe from overstretching with time. The Phantom features two midsoles: the AVT (Abridged Variable Thickness) midsole provides power and sensitivity and is made from plastic that was molded to be thick in the forefoot and thin on the edges of the toes. In addition, a cutout under the big toe offers more sensitivity for delicate foot placements. The TPS+ (tension power system plus) midsole provides a snug fit and is made from rubber that is tensioned thereby ensuring a steady and long-lasting downturn in the shoe. It also eliminates dead space at the arch of the foot. A dark spine s (sensitive) midsole with a thin 2mm heel outsole provides optimal sensitivity for technical heel hooks. The shoe also features a NEOFLEX upper with a neoprene laminate that stretches two ways, thereby allowing the knuckle box to expand when flexed and easily retract when flat. Through its six-point, single-pull closure, the Phantom can swiftly be tightened and adjusted for a secure fit.

Which size fits?

Fit Sizing
Comfort + 1
star Normal + 0.5
star Performance + 0.5

We recommend for your profile to pick this shoe around 0.5 sizes larger than your Street Shoe Size.

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