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Cobra 4:99



TPU coated Toe Box
Coating the front of the shoe with TPU assists in sliding over holds when accidentally coming into contact.

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Technical Details

Closing slipper Material synthetic Toe Pad small Lining none Colors
Downturn flat Asymmetry low Toe Angle low to medium Pre-tension moderate Last RL 45
Foot Width average Foot Volume medium Foot Shape universal Heel Cup wide
Sole Vibram® XS Grip 2™ Rubber supersoft Sole Thickness 3.5mm Midsole LaspoFlex Midsole Type forefoot Midsole Thickness 0.8mm Tension System Slingshot Tension Heel Cup Sensitivity medium
Weight 340g Release Year 2020 List Price € 99€ List Price $ 150$

As the first-ever dedicated speed-climbing shoe, The Cobra 4:99 uses smooth, breathable microfiber uppers to reduce friction on the skin. It features a Vibram™ Grip2™ sole , which provides maximum upward momentum, and heat-sealed TPU coating on top of the toes to ensure snag-free sliding on climbing holds when dragging your feet up. Key differentiations from the original Cobra include a new tongue pull construction that enables easy on/off, a flat downturn, and an 80g weight reduction for a lightweight climbing shoe that is specifically intended for speed climbing. Are you ready to beat the 5 seconds with the Cobra 4:99?

Which size fits?

Fit Sizing
Comfort ± 0
star Normal - 1
Performance - 1.5

We recommend for your profile to pick this shoe around -1 sizes smaller than your Street Shoe Size.

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