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P3 ™
The Permanent Power Platform P3™ is a patented construction system maintaining the downturn shape of the climbing shoe for a longer period of time.
No-Edge ™
The patented No-Edge™ concept lessens the amount of rubber between the toes and the rock leading to a better sensitivity. The surface area in contact with the rock is hereby increased and supports the exertion of homogeneous pressure.

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Technical Details

Closing lacing Material mixed Toe Pad none Lining front and back Colors
Downturn moderate Asymmetry medium Toe Angle medium Pre-tension moderate Last WPD 75
Foot Width slightly narrow Foot Volume low Foot Shape squared Heel Cup average
Sole Vibram® XS Grip 2™ Rubber supersoft Sole Thickness 4mm Midsole LaspoFlex Midsole Type 3/4 Midsole Thickness 1.1mm Tension System P3-System® w/ Slingshot Heel Cup Sensitivity medium
Weight 450g List Price € 149€ List Price $ 175$

What does the manufacturer say? - La Sportiva

Versatile, high performance climbing shoe designed for outdoor use at the crag, suitable for overhanging cliffs, favours heel hooks thanks to the S-Heel™ construction system. The lacing system provides structure and is differentiated between the back and front for a perfect volume adjustment. Kataki adopts the P3 System technology that guarantees that the shoe will maintain its orginal shape and characteristics over time. It is also designed to facilitate the resoling thanks to the three quarters sole using the Vibram XS Grip 2 compound. It is a sturdy shoe capable of ensuring a good degree of sensitivity and comfort.

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Which size fits?

- 0.5
star Normal
- 1.5
- 2

We recommend for your profile to pick this shoe around -1.5 sizes smaller than your Street Shoe Size.

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