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P3 ™
The Permanent Power Platform P3™ is a patented construction system maintaining the downturn shape of the climbing shoe for a longer period of time.

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Technical Details

Closing velcro lacing Material mixed Toe Pad medium Lining front Colors
Downturn aggressive Asymmetry medium Toe Angle medium to high Pre-tension moderate Last PD 75
Foot Width slightly narrow Foot Volume medium Foot Shape universal Heel Cup wide
Sole Vibram® XS Grip 2™ Rubber supersoft Sole Thickness 4mm Midsole LaspoFlex Midsole Type toes to ball Midsole Thickness 1.1mm Tension System P3-System® w/ Slingshot Heel Cup Sensitivity low
Weight 510g Release Year 2019 List Price € 145€ List Price $ 180$

La Sportiva built the original model as a performance shoe to provide the "solution" for bouldering problems and steep overhanging sport routes. This award winning masterpiece provides a glove-like fit and the so called "claw". This addition is a special down-turned toe tip to cling better onto foot holds in steep terrain, but also compromising on a little sensitivity with a bulkier big toe rubber area. It takes a few sessions until the shoe breaks in and for you to accommodate with its features but once you have, it unfolds all of its advantages. The P3® Permanent Power Platform prevents the deformation of especially downturned shoes after high usage keeping this shoe in shape for a longer period of time. The Solution also comes with a Lock Harness System® that wraps around the heel of the foot for extra security on heel hooks trying to make up for the insensitive heel cup. It is harder to feel the right position for the heel hook, but once you have it will just stay in place. The Fast Lacing System® has been updated in the 2019 version with a more durable lace, which tended to wear out quickly at the lacing grommets in the original design. Awards: Climbing Magazine - Editors' Choice, Climbing Magazine - Editors' Choice 2014, Rock and Ice - Best in Gear, Gear Institute - Best in Class 2014, IF Product Design Award 2006

Which size fits?

Fit Sizing
Comfort - 0.5
star Normal - 1.5
Performance - 2

We recommend for your profile to pick this shoe around -1.5 sizes smaller than your Street Shoe Size.

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