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Mad Rock
Drone HV



3D Expandable Molded Heel
This specific heel cup is designed to expand for a more versatile fit.
Edge Heel
An integrated lip into the heel cup provides an edge to better support heel hooks on small features.

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Technical Details

Closing velcro slipper Material synthetic Toe Pad large Lining none Colors
Downturn aggressive Asymmetry low Toe Angle medium to high Pre-tension aggressive
Foot Width slightly wide Foot Volume medium Foot Shape universal Heel Cup average
Sole Science Friction 3.0 Rubber medium Sole Thickness 4.2mm Midsole Mad Rock Polyester Midsole Type 3/4 Midsole Thickness 1.8mm Tension System Arch Flex Support Heel Cup Sensitivity low
Weight 480g List Price € 129.95€ List Price $ 129$

The Drone - the flagship shoe from Mad Rock - is a combination of high performance and comfort. Less asymmetry than other shoes in the league increases comfort for climbers. Its otherwise very aggressive features deliver the precision needed for more difficult projects in vertical walls and overhangs. Additionally, the Drone's 3D molded heel construction provides a very snug heel fit and the integrated lip provides further support for heel hooks on smaller edges. Due to the large toe pad with honeycomb pattern, it is very suitable for bouldering as well as for sport climbing due to its high stability - a real performance all-rounder for those who do not want to do without some comfort.

The Drone is available in two versions: HV (High Volume) for rather wider feet and LV (Low Volume) for narrower feet.

Which size fits?

Fit Sizing
Comfort + 0.75
star Normal + 0.5
Performance ± 0

We recommend for your profile to pick this shoe around 0.5 sizes larger than your Street Shoe Size.

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