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What is special
The heel system PAF by Scarpa spreads the pressure on the heel tendon across a bigger surface and forces the forefoot on a broader area into the front of the shoe creating more pressuring onto the tip of the shoe. The number of wholes on the side indicate the strength of the applied tension.
What you get
Closing lacing

Lacing provides you with the best personal fit if you struggle with finding comfort with most shoes. Since they provide more comfort these shoes are good for a long day when you don't want to frequently take them off as they need their time to put back on. The laces might compensate excessive stretch and the shoe might feel more secure on microholds by restricting the movement of material. But be careful with toe hooks! With the usually small or missing rubber pad they are hard to place and wear down your laces or outer quicker.

Material synthetic Toe Pad small Lining none Colors Ocean,Yellow
Downturn moderate Asymmetry medium Toe Angle medium Pre-tension aggressive Last FRX
Foot Width average Foot Volume medium Foot Shape centered Heel Cup average
Sole Vibram® XS Edge™ Rubber medium Sole Thickness 3.5mm Midsole Flexan Midsole Type full Midsole Thickness 1mm Tension System BI-Tension™ Heel Cup Sensitivity low
Weight 460g Release Year 2020 List Price 139.95€ List Price 175$
Which size fits

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