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Paddy Dominator


Pad Carrier
The pad is designed to attach and carry another crashpad for transportation.
Extra long straps allow you to transform this pad into a bench or sofa.
Additonal Mat
The crashpad has an additional small mat integrated to clean the shoes from dirt.
Two-Way Opening
This crashpad can be unfolded on both the long and short side to provide more possible uses.
FTS Absorption Block®
The patented Foam Tube Suspension Absorption Block® developed by Ocun has inserted hollow vertical foam tubes instead of a solid layer. This construction absorbs more impact, prevents becoming compacted over time and is 20% lighter.
Connection Zipper
The zippers allow the combination with more pads to create a gap-free landing zone.

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Technical Details

Type taco Outer Material Cordura® 650 denier Outer Material Bottom Plastel® Carrying Systems
padded backpack straps
Foam PE + PU Layers 3 Fill Type hard/FTS/hard
Area 1.32m² Length 132cm Width 100cm Height 14.5cm Packed Length 66cm Packed Width 100cm Packed Height 29cm
Weight 6200g List Price € 279.95€ List Price $ 299.95$

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