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Grand Wham


Removable Straps
The removable straps allow positioning the crashpad flat on the ground and without tangling up.
Additonal Mat
The crashpad has an additional small mat integrated to clean the shoes from dirt.
Air technology®
This patented technology by SNAP devides the inner foam into several encapsulated cubes to spread the impact resulting in better impact absorption.

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Technical Details

Dark Night
Type burrito Outer Material Polyester 900 denier Outer Material Bottom Polyester 600 denier Carrying Systems
backpack straps
padded hip belt
Foam EVA / PU Layers 2 Fill Type hard/soft
Area 1.8m² Length 150cm Width 120cm Height 14cm Packed Length 75cm Packed Width 120cm Packed Height 28cm
Weight 10000g List Price € 399€ List Price $ 449$

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