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Black Diamond
Vision Airnet Recco


Infinite Loop
The belay loop in front is seamless to prevent the device catching the seam unexpectedly.
airNet™ Technology
This patented technology provides the climber with a high-breathability hip belt and leg loops while distributing forces evenly during falls.
A combination of material and construction allows the harness to quickly dry.
The integrated passive Recco-reflector assists the rescue team in locating you in case of an emergency.

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Technical Details

Envy Green
Hip Belt Buckles 1 Material Loops 5 Material Loop Design 4 static side symmetrical & 1 back elastic Haul Loop no Ice Clipper Slots 4
Hip Belt Height medium Hip Belt Padding thin Leg Loop Width large Leg Loop Padding thin Detachable Leg Loops no Adjustable Leg Loops no
Weight 250g Reference Size M List Price € 170€ List Price $ 169.95$

The Vision AirNet Harness RECCO by Black Diamond is an advanced, ultralight climbing harness engineered for guides, pros, and climbers seeking high performance in challenging environments. It incorporates airNET technology, blending minimal weight with packability and support. The harness also features a patented, durable, and seamless Infinity Belay Loop, four front gear loops, a low-profile webbing fifth gear loop at the back, and four ice clipper slots. Integrated RECCO technology enhances safety, making climbers detectable by rescuers.

Which size fits?

Sizing Hips Legs Weight
cm cm g
S 69 - 76 48 - 53
M 76 - 84 53 - 58
L 84 - 91 58 - 63
XL 91 - 99 63 - 69

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