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A webbing-only construction gives the harness a small pack size and allows it to dry quickly.
Ice-Screw Keeper
An extra clip on the leg loops provides a fix point for the Ice-Screws and prevents swinging while e.g. skiing.
Hip belt and leg loops have different colors, also on the in and outside to ease putting on the harness.

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Technical Details

Material Polyester Hip Belt Buckles 1 Material Loops 2 Material Loop Design 2 elastic side symmetrical Haul Loop no Ice Clipper Slots 2
Hip Belt Height small Hip Belt Padding none Leg Loop Width small Leg Loop Padding none Detachable Leg Loops yes Adjustable Leg Loops yes
Weight 215g Reference Size M/L List Price € 59.95€ List Price $ 59.95$

Which size fits?

Sizing Hips Legs Weight
cm cm g
S/M 64 - 86 55 - 67 200
M/L 74 - 96 60 - 73 215
L/XL 84 - 108 66 - 79 230

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