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Cable Kit Ultralite VII

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Technical Details

Tie-In Loop static Rest Loop false
Arm Style elastic
Carabiner Type finger Vertical Breaking Load 26kN Open Breaking Load 12kN Horizontal Breaking Load 9kN
Weight 299g List Price € 110€

The Cable Kit Ultralite VII is currently the lightest via ferrata set on the market, weighing just 299 grams. It has undergone several updates to enhance its ultralight features. The set includes extremely light, thin, and elastic arms made of wear-resistant HMPE, providing a long range. Its ultralight carabiners are user-friendly and contribute significantly to the set's minimal weight. The compact shock absorber and short hanging length ensure excellent handling. This set is designed to be compact, simple, minimalistic, and lightweight, making it an ideal choice for mountain guides and enthusiasts of ultralight gear.

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