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Technical Details

Shock Absorber Length 280cm Tie-In Loop static Rest Loop true
Arm Style elastic Arm Length Short 78cm Arm Length Short Extended 121cm Arm Length Long 83cm Arm Length Long Extended 132cm
Carabiner Type finger Carabiner Opening 26mm Vertical Breaking Load 27kN Open Breaking Load 27kN Horizontal Breaking Load 8kN
Weight 545g List Price € 110€

This via ferrata set includes durable, self-locking Attac carabiners and abrasion-resistant, elastic load arms, ensuring high safety and easy handling. Its compact energy absorber extends and cushions in case of a fall, suitable for users weighing 40 to 120 kilograms, making it ideal even for larger individuals with heavy backpacks. The elastic load arms facilitate close-to-body handling, and the integrated rest loop on the energy absorber allows for easy attachment to the via ferrata during breaks. The set comes complete with a mesh bag for organized and secure storage in a backpack.

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