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Technical Details

Closing velcro slipper Material synthetic Toe Pad medium Lining none Colors
Signal Green
Downturn moderate Asymmetry low Toe Angle medium to high Pre-tension aggressive
Foot Width average Foot Volume medium Foot Shape centered Heel Cup wide
Sole Stealth® C4™ Rubber medium Sole Thickness 4.2mm Midsole Midsole Type forefoot Midsole Thickness 1mm Tension System Slingshot Tension Heel Cup Sensitivity high
Weight 440g Release Year 2020 List Price € 136.42€ List Price $ 150$

Designed for high-precision footwork, the Hiangle is an all-around climbing shoe suitable for climbing and bouldering indoors as well as outdoors. It features an elastic slipper with a hook-and-loop adjustable strap and an aggressively downturned shape that works especially well on vertical or steep terrain. Additionally, its unlined microfiber upper provides excellent comfort while its Stealth® C4™ rubber outsole ensures a firm grip required for edging. The enhanced rubber heel coverage allows for more friction on technical heel hooks and the divided split outsole ensures good flexibility and arch support. Since the snug-fitting Hiangle runs small, have a closer look at the recommended sizing.

Which size fits?

Fit Sizing
Comfort + 0.75
star Normal + 0.5
Performance ± 0

We recommend for your profile to pick this shoe around 0.5 sizes larger than your Street Shoe Size.

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